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Spark - Close Up Self-lighting Candle

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I love “Spark” Reliable, easy to use, and magical!

- Cyril Takayama

This is something that I've wanted to do forever but could never find the right way to do it. Kelvin has...and it's perfect.

- Dan White


91% form Sean and 93% from David on Wizard Product Review!

Spark Gimmick reviewed on MagicOrthodoxy:


Not just adding another trick to your routine, but making your routine more Magical.

Spark is the world’s first Remote candle specially designed for Close Up Performer.

- Easy to use, fuel and charge

- Long Burning time(10mins+) & Repeat Ignitions

- Long standby time(1 Hour+)

- A five-meter control radius

- USB quick charge system

- Provided with candlewick and spool of thread that can last 100+ performances

- Can be carried on plane in your hand Baggage(Tested in US and China custom)


It looks and feels just like an ordinary candle. But you can easily make it ignite by remote control, the flame will jump of the tip of a real candlewick, which make the candle look even more real.

Unlike it’s predecessors that can only be used on stage or parlor settings, Spark is perfect for close-up magic. You can put it on the spectator’s hand, and they will not suspect that they are holding a gimmicked object.

The fuel tank is cleverly concealed inside the candle. You can easily store a good amount of lighter fluid in it, which result in an amazingly long standby time. Fueled it before your show begins, and the flame will always come out at any point of your show when you need it.

Spark is equipped with a quick charge system. Just charge it for 10 minutes, and the candle is good to go for the next 10 hours (when put in open circuit). There is also an internal on/off button to avoid battery consumption, which will extend the standby time of the electronic section of Spark even longer.

Since the candle can be a perfect supplement to the “Gypsy Thread”, we will also supply you with a spool of special thread, which will glow in dark. Despite its innocent looking, the spool is also a disguised key to open up the inner compartment of the candle.